lolliPops samosa


Chicken boiled------------------ and shredded 1 Cup 

Capsicum---------------- chopped ½ Cup

Jalapenos--------------- chopped 2 tbs 

Mozzarella cheese----------------- grated ½ Cup 

Cheddar cheese---------------- gated ½ Cup 

Fresh parsley--------------- chopped 2 tbs 

Garlic powder------------------- 1 tsp 

Black pepper------------------- crushed ½ tbs 

Red chilli powder---------------- ½ tsp or to taste 

Salt----------------- ½ tsp or to taste 

Mon salwa------------------ plain paratha 

Egg--------------- whisked 1 

Cooking oil-------------- for frying


Take a bowl add chicken capsicum jalapenos mozzarella cheese cheddar fresh parsley garlic powder black pepper crushed red chilli powder and salt mix well and put aside .

Now working surface sprinkle dry flour place plain paratha dig square shape then dig four equal pieces.

One corner of the piece place skewer add prepared chicken filling 1 tbs and canopy with another piece press and seal the sides with the assistance of the knife.

Take a wok heat vegetable oil and fry on medium low flame until golden.

LolliPops Samosa is prepared To Serve.

People Question About Samosa 

Where do samosas come from?

The samosa originated within the Middle East and Central Asia. It then spread to Africa, Southeast Asia , South Asia, et al. . The term samosa and its variants cover a family of pastries and dumplings popular from north-eastern Africa to western China.

What can we call samosa in English?

English speakers just call them samosas, if they know what they're in the least . they're considered Indian food. A samosa may be a mixture of vegetables wrapped in pastry and deep fried. If an English speaker is fed a samosa but doesn't know the word for it, they could describe it by analogy to at least one of those other foods.

Is Samosa good for health?

No, samosa isn't healthy. made up of a stuffing of potatoes, green peas, cabbage, onions and covered with whole flour dough. What's bad. Potatoes (Aloo) : Being high in simple carbohydrates they're going to cause weight gain and aren't good for people with diabetes, heart problem and obesity.

Are samosas Indian or Pakistani?

Samosas are popular snacks in Pakistan, India et al. . The delicious fried parcels are often sold on the road , but the simplest ones are made reception . you'll make the flavorful potato filling beforehand if you would like . The highly seasoned potatoes are often served on their own as a entremots .

Who made samosa first time?

Samosas were introduced to the Indian subcontinent within the 13th or 14th century by traders from Central Asia. Amir Khusro (1253–1325), a scholar and therefore the royal poet of the Delhi Sultanate, wrote in around 1300 that the princes and nobles enjoyed the "samosa prepared from meat, ghee, onion then on".

Why is Samosa Triangle?

It is the foremost popular South Asian snack in North America. The word comes from Persian word 'sambusa' which suggests triangle, thanks to its shape. the good Mughals brought it with them, like numerous other culture, cuisine and refinements. Generally Samosa is triangular in shap.

Do samosas have meat in them?

The meat samosa contains minced meat (lamb, beef, or chicken) and are very fashionable as dish in Pakistan. ... The samosas are a fried or baked pastry with a savoury filling, like spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, and minced meat (lamb, beef or chicken).

Is Samosa a junk food?

As we all know samosa may be a fried food and thus qualifies to be a nasty food. It depends upon the standard of manufacture. Samosa contains a very fatty filling which isn't good for your health.

How does one make a samosa at home?

How To Fold Samosa | Samosa Folding Technique
to make the duvet of samosa.
take alittle dough ball.
flatten the dough ball slightly longer vertically.
cut it from the center .
fold it within the manner shown.
apply water on top of the fold.
stuff it with the prepared filling.
apply water from the within and enclose it.
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