Malai Kabab

Malai Kabab

Malai Kabab
Malai Kabab


Mozzarella cheese grated-------------- 2 tbs 

Cheddar cheese grated-------------- 2 tbs 

Cream------------- 3 tbs 

Fresh coriander--------------- 1 tbs

 Onion-------------- 3 medium 

Chicken boneless cubes-------------- ½ kg 

Mint leaves---------------- 2 tbs 

Fresh coriander---------------- 2 tbs 

Ginger garlic paste------------------ 2 tbs 

Red chili powder--------------- 1 tsp or as per taste 

Coriander seeds------------------ crushed 1 tbs 

Cumin seeds---------------- roasted 1 tbs 

Red chili----------------- crushed 1 tsp 

Garam masala powder---------------- 1 tsp 

Desiccated coconut------------------ 1 tbs 

Salt----------------- 1 & ½ tsp or as per taste 

Green chillies-------------- 3-4 

Butter--------------------- 2 tbs

Cheddar cheese grated----------------- 3 tbs 

Mozzarella cheese grated------------------- 3 tbs 

Cream--------------- 2 tbs 

Cooking oil----------------- 1-2 tbs


Take a spice mixer add mozzarella cheese cheddar cream fresh coriander and blend well Cream & white sauce is prepared .

Now during a chopper add onion and chop well.

On bowl place muslin cloth add chopped onion and squeeze out excess water with the assistance of the hands and put aside .

Now take a chopper add chicken mint leaves fresh coriander squeezed onion ginger garlic paste red flavorer coriander seeds cumin seeds red chilli crushed garam masala powder desiccated coconut salt green chillies butter cheddar mozzarella cheese cream and chop until well combined and refrigerate 1 hour.

Dip hands in water & take a mix (55g) and make kababs of equal sizes on wooden skewer.

On griddle add vegetable oil and fry kababs on medium flame from all sides until golden brown approx. 5-6 minutes and apply prepared cream and white sauce generously on all sides in between.
Serve with chutney.

People Question About Malai Kabab

What is the difference between kebab and tikka?

They both are quite easily differentiable as kebab is made with coarsely minced meat, while the tikka consists of larger chunks of meat, marinated and grilled till done. differences are often read within the table below.

What is chicken Reshmi kabab?

Reshmi may be a Pakistan word sense "silk." this is often often an apt description for these silky-textured, delicious chicken kababs that are a typical Mughlai dish prepared in Pakistan. Reshmi kabab gets its name from the juicy succulence of the meat added to the skewers.

What is Chicken Malai Tikka?

Malai tikka refers to grilled supreme of chicken with ginger, garlic, green chilli, cream-cheese, coriander-stem and cardamom.

Is Chicken Malai Tikka healthy?

Murgh Malai Tikka may be a melt-in-your-mouth chicken kebab marinated in cream, yogurt and spices then cooked during a tandoor. it is also a reasonably healthy dish as compared to the opposite , curry-heavy meals most accompany Pakistani food.

Different sorts of Kebab

Chicken Adana. Common everywhere the country of Turkey, the Chicken Adana may be a concoction of hand-minced chicken and a complimentary chili.
Beyti Kebab. Lamb or beef is that the main meat component of this kebab.

Chicken malai kabab

Reshmi kebab

Turkish kabob.

Doner kebab.

Anda kabab.

What is kalmi kebab?

Kalmi Kebab may be a delicious kebab from the Mughlai cuisine, marinated with spices and yogurt. ... a popular non-vegetarian appetizer from the Mughlai cuisine, Kalmi Kebab uses the leg piece or the chicken drumstick 

Can you eat chicken tikka on a diet?

It is safer to incorporate chicken in your weight loss diet because it may be lean meat and doesn't put you in danger of high cholesterol. ... Better still, have homemade chicken tikka, tandoori or roasted chicken, soup or salad for best benefits."
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