Italian Breakfast

Italian Breakfast Rice Omelet

Italian Breakfast Rice Omelet

Rice Omelet sounds different and off course it is different in taste. If you wish variation in food then this is often perfectly for you. Serve with bread in breakfast.


Oil 1 tbsp

Scallions 1 chopped

Cooked long grain rice 1/2 cup

Salt ½ tsp

Chili powder 1/2 tsp

Eggs 2

Sausages 1 sliced

Mozzarella cheddar cheese 1/3 cup cut in cubes

Cooking Method

In a large pan place oil and scallions, then add the cooked rice and spread evenly on rock bottom .
Mix salt and flavorer within the beaten eggs and pour into the skillet over rice then set sausages.
Place the cheese cubes evenly on the surface. Cook over medium heat until eggs are cooked.

What is a typical breakfast in Italy
    Italian breakfast (prima colazione) consists of latte (hot milk with coffee) or coffee with bread or rolls, butter, and jam. A cookie-like rusk hard bread called Fette biscotti, and cookies are commonly eaten. Children drink cocoa, plain milk, or hot milk with little or no coffee.

    What do Italian hotels serve for breakfast?

    Italian breakfast in hotels
    Hotel breakfast usually include a selection of bread options and croissants, cakes usually ciambellone plain biscuits, yogurt and cold cuts ham, cheese

    Is Italian breakfast healthy?

    Those Italian who eat traditional food, cook it reception daily with fresh ingredients, do indeed have a really healthy diet. Generally, their breakfast consists of a small cup very small for American standards of hot beverage, either tea or coffee with milk and a few biscuits with jam.

    Why do Brits eat baked beans for breakfast?

    Baked beans are probably one among the foremost common canned items to shop for in England Yes, Brits eat beans for breakfast because the country is understood for its Full English Breakfast consisting of sunny side up eggs bacon cooked tomato slices blood sausage, and fried bread.
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