Chapli Kabab

Chapli Kabab Restaurant Style

The chapli kebab is a famous grill and road nourishment all through Afghanistan just as in eastern Pakistan and India. In India, it is eaten as customary road nourishment explicitly in the Indian urban areas of Bhopal, Lucknow Delhi and Hyderabad it is particularly mainstream with Indian Muslims. It very well may be served and eaten hot with naan bread rice or in buns and sandwiches, for example, in a bun.

Chapli Kabab Restaurant Style
Chapli Kabab Restaurant Style Picture

Chapli Kabab Restaurant Style

Take mutton or beef depend on you. Let suppose there is  1 kg of meat

If Meat  = 1 kg then there should be lipid ( Charbi ) 250 gram

Add Salt if meat = 1 kg then 1 to 2 tea Spoon as per your taste

Must mix Chapli Kabab spices without gloves so clean your hand properly

Mix salt

Then grind meat ( Mince )

for 1 kg meat add 700-gram onion then fine chop

For 1 kg meat take 10 to 12 small green chili and crushed it very fine

Once again clean your hand

Now mix it very well

Ajwain powder half tablespoon for 1 kg meat

Black cumin seeds powder half tablespoon for 1 kg meat

Gram masala ( Mixture of ground spices) half tablespoon for 1 kg meat

Coriander seeds crushed 1 tablespoon

Chicken powder 2 Table Spoon

Then mix it very well

Add white flours 100 gram for 1 kg meat

Mix it very well

Leave in for a half-hour

Follow these steps

Fry until it will be turned into brown

Our yummy Peshawari Chapli Kabab is Ready for Serving

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